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Press Release

Continuously Good Power Yields – alpha ventus Presents its Results for 2012 The annual yield of

The positive trend in yield continued during Q1 2013. From January to March alpha ventus fed over 63 gigawatt hours into the transmission grid, almost as much as in the same period of 2012.“We are very pleased with operating year 2012,” summarises Wilfried Hube, Managing Director of operating company DOTI. “After just over two full operating years it is still too early to set a standard and permanently raise yield forecasts for the future. Nonetheless, the good reliable power yield generated by alpha ventus shows that power generation from offshore wind farms is on the right way. The operators of alpha ventus consider offshore wind power to be a vital component in the future energy mix. Over the long term it is our goal to reduce maintenance costs even further. Experience gained will also benefit follow-up projects.”During operating year 2012 the twelve wind power turbines at alpha ventus achieved 4,463 full load hours, a value matching the level of operating year 2011. The wind farm’s availability during 2012 was an average of 96.5 per cent. DOTI is forecasting slightly reduced availability during 2013 because a number of service and maintenance measures are scheduled at the wind farm from May onwards. alpha ventus, Germany’s first offshore wind farm, started official operations in 2010, since when it has continuously fed climate-neutral power into Germany’s transmission grid.

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